Welcome to Glen Waddell

The Story of Glen Waddell

  1. Glen Waddel is a Nova Scotia Certified Woodlot containting 270 acres. What this does is allows us to meet the requirements (green) of the New Page pulp/paper mill in Port Tupper. Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd drew up a tentative 10-year plan for managing the property as a full up forest wood lot.
  2. Currently, about 25% of the property has been previously harvested and is growing back. That 25%, if to be a woodlot, needs to be re-planted and thinned.
  3. The Nova Scotia Power lines pass across a portion of the north section of the property. It takes up about 20 acres of land that they periodically clear/brush for access
  4. The rest of the woodland is mixed hardwoods and softwoods. There is an area that is heavy in mature hardwoods that could be harvested for lumber and biomass along with firewood potential. There is an area, around 10 acres, that has some mature and immature softwoods that should be clear-cut and replanted. This cut could be used for pulp to New Page and also biomass. Approximately 5 acres is actually a wetland area although there are springs and streams throughout the property. All of this could be done in one year or spread out over several years.
  5. Access is along the Nova Scotia Power maintenance road. This is a rough-hewn road a kin to a logging road. Portions have been better maintained than others. It is prone to flooding in the rainy season. It begins, under the power lines, at Barberton Road (paved), crosses Crown Land, then makes a right turn to the edge of the NSP clearance area under the power lines and then goes west to the property, crosses the property alongside of the power lines, and exits down to the North River brook. I travel this road with my 4X4 Ford F150 pickup and my 4X4 Jeep Grand Cherokee year round.
  6. The Seaside High Speed Internet tower is located near the top of Ben Waddell. Seaside also uses the first part of the access road off of Barberton to reach their tower for maintenance.
  7. Tax for 2009/2010 year = $309.22 cn
  8. For weather in our area:
  9. I cannot predict future taxes, but they run around 0.0112 per assessed dollar.